Project Black Tin Fox

High level requirements:

Lists of Stuff

  • books
    • currently reading
    • part of a book group?
    • trim white space from search strings
    • ratings
  • movies
    • ratings?
    • integration with Netflix?
    • integration with IMDB
  • board games
    • favorites
    • integration with BGG?
    • ratings
  • videogames
    • currently playing
    • ratings
  • things out on loan
    • when on loan, have an indicator (grayed out, name of loanee drawn on cover, etc.)
  • Recipes

General thoughts.
Construct the lists as a generic list of items. Making items and extending them into books, video games, movies, etc. will allow us to reuse a lot of the similar characteristics (title, purchase price, rating, etc.) while still allowing us to add specific properties such as platform, format (dvd, blu-ray), etc.
It might be good to kind of bootstrap the collection by importing a CSV or XML file from some other application/system. Long term we need to think about entry. It would be awesome to be able to use a webcam to scan barcodes!

  • make the content visible only when logged in
  • make the entry as easy/complicated as somebody wants. just UPC, maybe a manual mode with just the essentials, etc.


  1. Facebook integration
  2. google integration?
  3. openid?

Book groups

  1. support multiple user discussion
  2. access books in a user’s booklist
  3. calendar for when to meet, when to post
  4. reminder system if haven’t posted “on time”
  5. support multiple book groups going, all with different users


Action items:

  1. Home Page
    1. Remove/Replace graphic ‘BlakMagic’.
    2. Remove RSS feed link. (done)
    3. Review http://www.collectorz.com/ and see if we can use it for db collection or build our own.
  2. Book Discussion
    1. Add Now Reading Reloaded to right hand side (done)
    2. Fix search and login buttons (done)



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