Papa’s got a brand new TV

26 Oct

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Well, the Samsung 46 inch television we had went kaput a few months back (my coworkers don’t understand how I can go this long without one) and we finally decided to plop down some dough on a new one. I really hadn’t missed it that much working, taking care of our toddler, and going to school. Now that school is done, it would be nice to play a few video games and watch some movies on something bigger than the 15.5 inch laptop screen.

After much soul searching we opted for a little smaller set that would actually fit in the space available (mostly my wife’s requirement, that I couldn’t argue against) and I wanted one with a bit longer warranty as 1 year didn’t seem to cut it. Samsung was unwilling to do anything to cut the cost of the repair on our old set and I wasn’t willing to consider them for my next one due to the issues and lack of quality customer support.

Costco adds an extra year onto the factory warranty on their HDTVs and had a wide selection. We opted to go with the Vizio mostly due to price, as having spent more than double the cost of the new tv on the old tv, I was still a little gun shy. What tipped the scale was a $50 manufacturer warranty with brought the cost down to $529.99 and made it lower than Amazon and Wal-Mart.


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